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April 2020 –

Unintended Consequences  by Doug Allan

 History breaking volatlity has been the story over the last month, the result being the stock market suffered its fastest 30% drop in history. The two main factors at play have been the health scare caused by COVID -19 and the oil price war between OPEC and Russia.

While COVID-19 is a dangerous virus and should not be taken lightly; somehow, we need to ignore the panic merchants and hysteria traders that seem to be everywhere. Although the US has only been shut down for two weeks, it appears that investors are pricing in a complete collapse of society for-ever. The USA is now leading us to believe another 30 days may be all that it takes to get things back to normal. While that es􀀁mate may prove to be too optimisic; either way, Canada seems to be a couple of months behind the USA. The good news is that some of the greatest minds in the world are working on this problem, and it will be solved. It will eventually end, and things will return to normal, most likely ear-lier than the crowd currently seems to believe.





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