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Tax Free Savings Accounts

This section contains forms that are absolutely necessary to open a registered account.
NCAF This document is used to open all new accounts here at Retire First. The form asks for basic information such as home address and investment knowledge. It is important to note that two signatures are needed for the document to be accepted on pages 6 and 7. Please call your broker for assistance filling out this document. This is needed for all accounts. Please include a void cheque with your returned form.

Tax Free Savings Account – Please fill out your name, address, birth date, the beneficiary information and sign where ‘ANNUITANT SIGNATURE’ is indicated. We will complete the remaining portion of the form once received at our office.

ID Attestation- If you are a new client that has not yet met your broker or a client who has been informed that their ID has expired and it is inconvenient to come into our office, please use this form to supply us with your ID. Please note that we need the form to be filled out in blue ink by one of the professionals listed on the second page. All new clients must also send a one dollar cheque in as well to verify their ID.

Optional Forms:

Registered Transfer form- This form is for clients who want to transfer existing accounts from other firm’s in to their account(s) here at Retire First. Please enclose a copy of your statement with the returned form, and only sign the bottom of the transfer form. We will complete the form when it returns to our office after a discussion with you.

Online Access- This document allows you to access your client accounts on line. Please sign the bottom of the form and include your name in the account area.

Newsletter consent If you would like to receive our newsletter please select and fill out your preferred method for receiving and sign the bottom of the form.

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